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Your account may be accessed via the POTATOBOX website www.POTATOBOX.com on a computer, as well as Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones. Caution: Your registered account may be linked to Facebook or Google. If you are using a family device, please be sure to log in with your personal, POTATOBOX registered email address.
To use POTATOBOX website you will need a computer, tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection. How do I reset my password? If you already know your password and you wish to change it, please follow the steps below: 1- Log into your account 2- Click on my Account link on the top of your Profile page. 3- Click on Edit Profile 4- Scroll down to change password 5- Enter your current password, the new password, then click SAVE If you have forgotten your password, from the login screen click on “Forgot your password” link or please visit: http://www.potatobox.com/forgot_password.php Once you provide us with the email address which you have registered your account, our automated system will email you a 4 digit security code which you will need to reset your password.
If you have any concerns or questions: 1. Send a message via the Contact page. Contact page can be found at the footer of all pages. 2. Send an email to customerservice@potatobox.com. If you already have an account with POTATOBOXl, please use the email address you used to register. Our Customer Service Team will answer your question as soon as possible and can generally get back to you within 48 hours.
At this point the following display languages are available at POTATOBOX.com, however we are working to add many more languages to our display list. - English - French - German - Russian - Chinese To change your display language you must click on Settings directly from your profile page, and then select a language of your choice and click save.
POTATOBOX is the most advanced way to learn a language. There is no better way to learn a language than actually speaking to a real person who is fluent. With our rating system we consistently work to put together the most knowledgeable team who can help you achieve your goals.
The list of languages is growing with the demand. There are currently tens of languages listed in our site, however if you don’t see a language which you like to learn or teach you may request it directly from your account. Our dedicated team will review and add your requested language to the current list of languages after approval.
Registration with POTATOBOX is completely free of charge to all students, however Tutors will pay a small membership fee.
We offer monthly, three months, six months, or yearly membership plans. The longer term plan you choose, the better the value. Our current subscription fees can be found here: www.potatobox.com/subscriptionplans
You can cancel your subscription on your profile page under my Account/Edit Profile/Cancel my Account. Payments made are final and they won’t be prorated. You will still be bale to use your account to the last day which your payment has been made. If you wish not to show up on any search results you must deactivate your account. We will send you a confirmation of your cancellation via the email address you have registered with us.
Tutors can review their account information and payment plans via their profile page/my Account/subscriptions. From the same page they will be able to switch their payment plan. A new payment plan will take effect starting the very next reoccurring payment day.
Details on your payments made and your other account information such as your subscriptions can be found on your profile page under myAccount/Subscriptions
We charge our Tutors in advance, on a monthly, three months, six months or yearly basis according to the payment plan they choose. The recurring payments will be charged automatically until you decide to cancel.
Subscribers to www.POTATOBOX.com, can pay using a credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express) or via their PayPal accounts. PayPal option may not be available to all countries.
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